Dean Heezen

Raised in St. Catharines, Ontario Canada, Dean spent many bitter winters indulged in the theatrical and visual arts. He began to forge these two passions together by studying his Bachelors Degree in Animation at Sheridan College. 

Since graduating, he has worked on many projects in commercial, television and film. Starting as a traditional animator, Dean moved into visual development and is now working for Nickelodeon as a Character Designer. While he strives to be the best dressed person in the industry, Dean also aspires to be an Art Director. Until then, he is happily drawing and growing with every new opportunity that is presented to him.

When not hunched over his drawing table, Dean can be spotted wandering around sunny Burbank, California; sketchbook in hand, capturing anything that ignites his inspiration.


Pixar Animation Studios / Disney TV / DreamWorks TV / Nickelodeon Animation Studio / Cartoon Network Studio / 6 Point Harness / JibJab Media Inc. / Mercury Filmworks / Yowza Animation / Chuck Gammage Inc. /


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